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MCQs on GATE Biotechnology Syllabus

MCQs on GATE Biotechnology Syllabus

The GATE Biotechnology syllabus contains seven sections on which various types of questions are asked in the GATE exam. The first section is Engineering Mathematics which is related to core math which is used in engineering and applicable in Biotechnology also. The remaining sections from section 2 to section 7 all are related to Biotechnology core subjects. Here we prepared only objective type multiple choice questions and answers in the Biotechnology section only. Our MCQs on Biotechnology includes all previous years' questions with answers to important questions which may be asked in the GATE exam.

BioTechBug's team prepared the MCQs on the GATE Biotechnology syllabus subject-wise which includes all important and relevant questions. It will make a good foundation for the students who are aspirants for the GATE Biotechnology exam. Solving these Biotechnology MCQs is very helpful because it is fully dedicated to the syllabus of the GATE Biotechnology.

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Syllabus of GATE Biotechnology

GATE Biotechnology's latest syllabus is listed below with the sections and the major subjects under the section, on which questions will be asked in the GATE Biotechnology exam. Our MCQs on Biotechnology are completely based on this syllabus excluding the math section only.

Section 1: Engineering Mathematics

  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Differential Equations
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Numerical Methods

Section 2: General Biology

Section 3: Genetics, Cellular, and Molecular Biology

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Section 4: Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

  • Engineering principles applied to biological systems
  • Classical thermodynamics and Bioenergetics
  • Transport Processes

Section 5: Bioprocess Engineering and Process Biotechnology

  • Bioreaction engineering
  • Upstream and Downstream Processing
  • Instrumentation and Process Control

Section 6: Plant, Animal, and Microbial Biotechnology

  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Microbes

Section 7: Recombinant DNA technology and Other Tools in Biotechnology

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MCQs on GATE Biotechnology Key Features

If you planning to self-study and preparation for the GATE Biotechnology exam without joining any coaching or other online platform for the exam then our free online MCQs on GATE Biotechnology would be helpful for you to cross-check your knowledge, skills, and preparation level.

There will be 19 subject-wise multiple-choice type test papers. Each subject test paper will contain a minimum of 10 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), each question carrying one mark. There will be no negative marking system for incorrect answers. Total marks of the test will be shown on the last of the subject test.

BioTechBug’s GATE Biotechnology online test would be very helpful for the candidates to practice the whole Biotechnology syllabus in one place. MCQs on GATE Biotechnology are designed according to the latest syllabus of GATE Biotechnology.

Students can solve GATE Biotechnology online test anytime free of cost. MCQs on Biotechnology are easy to understand and are prepared from an easy to a complex level. MCQs on GATE Biotechnology contain topic-wise questions on Biology, Microbiology, Zoology, Botany, Biochemistry, etc.

Our MCQs on Biotechnology follow the syllabus only not the examination marking system so don't compare our quiz-type MCQs to the exact GATE Biotechnology paper.

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Disclaimer: All Biotechnology multiple choice questions and answers are prepared with accuracy but we do not claim 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is the chance of mistyping.

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