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Are You Looking for an Educational Guest Post?

Are you looking for high-quality educational websites to submit guest posts related to education, career, and studies, then you are at the right place. We now started accepting guest posts from career coaches, coaching institutes or career coaches, and educational bloggers who want to share their experiences, knowledge, and ideas for the students for their benefit.

Teachers, educational content writers, and professionals who want to share their knowledge with the students are mostly invited to submit guest posts on educational topics. We will not charge for such types of guest posts that are written for our education.

We are inviting writers from the education community to share their experiences and contribute some motivating positive, actionable guest posts to our readers who are mainly students of the young generation. Our main goal on BioTechBug is to provide good career guidance, information, engagement, and inspiration with some motivational experiences of our writers for our readers.

Our website BioTechBug's main theme is Biotechnology so we are most likely to accept educational guest posts related to medical, biological, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and some career advancement topics. Writers also write about courses, skills technologies, tips, and tricks for competitive exams like GATE, CSIR-NET, IIT-JAM, Government jobs for biological background students, etc.

Points to be noted before writing educational guest posts for us.

  • Content must be updated and latest to date. Don't copy and paste others' content or already published content. You should include your opinion and experiences also.
  • Content must be human-written, AI- Written content will be not accepted.
  • The minimum number of words should be 1000 words. If any relevant copyright-free image is available you should provide it to us to publish with the post.
  • Your guest post should be SEO-friendly and reader-friendly. So use 3 to 4-line paragraphs, bold catchy headings, and subheadings, with bullet points to describe your topic details in your post.
  • You can use keyword tools for getting relative keywords for your post, this will rank your post in Google organically.
  • Your educational guest posts should be in a Word document file with images (if any) as attachments in the mentioned email ID.
  • Please note that we have many websites and we receive many submissions daily so replies may be delayed.

Guest Posts will not accept if........

  • Your selected topic is already covered on our website and no new information is available in your guest post.
  • Any type of promotional post related to any product, business, or agency. Submitting guest posts, just for backlinks building without value addition to our website.

Rules for Guest Post Publishing

  • Once your guest post is published on our website you cannot publish it anywhere.
  • Our team will check your guest post quality and can do some required modifications, and corrections, make it SEO-friendly for search engines then publish it.
  • We accept educational posts related to India, but you can provide education, job, and career-related posts outside of India.

Why do You Publish Your Guest Post on Our Website?

  • Our website has good DA and PA with a good domain rating.
  • Our website has more than 15K monthly purely organic traffic that comes from Google only.
  • Our website has all educational-related posts and interactive quizzes for the students so students visit our website regularly.
  • We charge much less amount for publishing your guest post than other websites.

Performance of Our Website

Performance of BioTechBug Website

What If Your Content Is Not Published?

If any reason, we did not publish your guest post then you can publish your guest post on any other website. It is always yours.

For any queries related to the guest post, you can directly email us or contact us any time we will positively reply to you.

We are excited to receive some quality educational guest posts by talented writers that enhance the quality of our website and follow the above-mentioned terms and conditions at

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BioTechBug Team