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Biotech Companies in Dehradun

List of Biotech companies in Dehradun
Pharma City Selaqui Dehradun

Dehradun is a very good city for traveling, living, education, and doing the job. But in the sector of Biotechnology Dehradun has to do lots of things. Major top biotechnology companies in India are located in the southern states such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, etc.

There are very few Biotechnology companies situated in north India that work in the core Biotechnology sector. So there is a very low chance for north Indian Biotechnology scholars and professionals to do the Biotechnology job in North Indian states.

Dehradun has lots of Biotechnology colleges like Graphic Era University, Shri Guru Ram Rai University, etc. that offer various Biotechnology courses to students but after studying students have to leave Dehradun for a Biotechnology job in the Industries or companies.

Dehradun has lots of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies but the core Biotechnology companies are very few that deal in the Biotechnology sector. Here we will mainly give details of the biotech companies in Selaqui Dehradun that recruit Biotechnology professionals.

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List of Biotech Companies in Dehradun

Dehradun Pharma City Selaqui has various small to large-scale pharmaceutical companies that deal mainly in formulation, herbal, homeopathy, and also in APIs manufacturing. Pharma Company in Dehradun is mainly situated at Pharma city Selaqui but some are also situated outside it.

Here we listed the top Biotech Companies in Selaqui Dehradun that do business in the Biotechnology sector. This list will be very helpful for those biotechnology students, scholars, and professionals who want to do a job in the Biotechnology companies of Dehradun.

  1. Avantor Performance Materials India Ltd
  2. Biological E. Ltd
  3. India Glycols Ltd
  4. Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited

1. Avantor Performance Materials India Ltd

Avantor is a leading Biopharmaceutical company that works in many fields like biopharma, healthcare, advanced technologies & applied materials industries, and education.

Avantor is also known as the largest biopharmaceutical manufacturer in the world. It manufactures various Biotechnology products like vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, cell therapies, gene therapy, or small molecule products.

Avantor also provides diagnostic solutions in the healthcare sector such as histology, hematology, and immunology for testing various biological samples. It also manufactures various in vitro diagnostics kits, and reagents for immunological tests, serology, and hematology.

Avantor recruits Biotechnology professionals at a global level for its R&D and production departments in various plants all over India.


Avantor Performance Materials India Ltd
Plot No. 37, Pharma City
Selaqui, Dehradun-248011

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2. Biological E. Ltd.

Biological E Limited is mainly a biopharmaceutical company that's headquarter is based in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Its main specialization is low-cost vaccine production. Biological E. Limited mainly does business in vaccines, biologics, branded formulations, synthetic biology, and specialty generic injectables.

It is pioneered in the manufacture of biological products. Its formulation division produces cough syrups and digestive enzymes, anti-tetanus serum, anti-TB drugs, TT, and DTP vaccines. Biological E is a major supplier of vaccines to international organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, etc. Biological E Limited is also involved in the production of the COVID-19 vaccine 'Bio E COVID-19'.

Biological E Limited recruits mainly core Biotechnology professionals for its vaccine and formulation R&D and production departments in various plants in India.


Biological E. Ltd
Plot No. 31, Pharma City
Selaqui, Dehradun-248011

3. India Glycols Ltd.

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India Glycols Limited

India Glycols Limited comes in fortune 500 companies that are leading manufacturers in green technology-based bulk chemicals, natural gums, spirits, industrial gases, sugar, herbal and phytochemical extracts, and nutraceuticals, cosmeceutical products.

Its Dehradun plant manufactures phytochemicals and nutraceuticals products by chemical and biotechnological routes. It produces APIs and formulation products. The spirits division of IGL involves the production of ethyl alcohol, brandy, whisky, rum, vodka, and gin product. Production of these products requires fermentation and chemical technology. They have a pilot scale to production scale fermenters for the production of various products.

So they recruit Biotechnology professionals for its pharmaceutical and spirit division’s plants in the R&D and production departments.


India Glycols Ltd.
Plot No. 2-5, Pharma City
Selaqui, Dehradun-248011

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4. Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited

Intas is India's leading multinational pharmaceutical company that deals in formulation development, manufacturing, and marketing of various pharmaceutical products. Intas Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. is now the Biologics Business Unit (BU) of Intas Pharmaceuticals that deals mainly in biotechnology products that are mainly bio-similar products.

Intas recruits majorly core biotechnology students for its Biotechnology plants for its R&D and production departments of the biosimilar and fermentation departments situated at Ahmadabad and Ankleshwar units. Dehradun plant has a formulation unit of Intas.


Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited
Camp Rd, Selaqui,
Dehradun Gpo,

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Students and Biotechnology professionals sometimes get confused by the name of companies that do business in the Biotechnology sector or not. For example, Windlas Biotech Limited which is situated in Mohabbewala, Dehradun did not deal in the core Biotechnology sector. It is a pharmaceutical company but due to the company name, students get confused they do business in the Biotechnology sector. So students should check the company profiles its departments and working business areas.

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