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Overview of Fermentation Industries

fermentation industries

Fermentation Industries use the Fermentation process for the production of commercial products. Industries that use Fermentation technology for the production of commercial products are called Fermentation Industries. Alcohol, Baker's Yeast, antibiotics, enzymes, etc. producing companies are mainly Fermentation Industries.

Initially, Fermentation was defined in the books as the Biochemical reaction in which a glucose molecule breaks in Carbon dioxide and an ethanol molecule due to the absence of Oxygen and produces energy.

Later, the Fermentation process was used to produce alcoholic products, beverages, breweries, and foodstuffs by use of microorganisms. Then, the Fermentation term started used broadly for any process in which the microorganisms or their activities were used for the desired changes in the substrate to convert into the product.

Now Fermentation becomes an industrial process and is used for the production of various types of fermentation products on a commercial scale. Industrial fermentation is the use of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and animal cells, to make commercial products that are useful to humans.

The various types of commercially important products that are produced by the fermentation process are listed below.

  • Microbial Cells (Biomass)
  • Microbial Metabolites
  • Microbial Enzymes (Biocatalyst)
  • Recombinant Products
  • Biotransformation of Substrate

Types of Fermentation Industries

Initially, Fermentation Industries were producing only Alcohol, Vinegar, Baker's Yeast, Citric Acid, etc. Later, they started the production of antibiotics like Penicillin, streptomycin, amino acids, enzymes, single-cell protein, monoclonal antibodies, and now these companies producing various types of recombinant products, Biosimilar drugs, vaccines, etc.

As mentioned above, the Fermentation process is now used for manufacturing different types of products in Industries. Not only the Biotechnology companies use the Fermentations process lots of other companies like Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Waste Management companies, Biofuel manufacturing companies,  Distilleries, Nutraceutical companies, Biofertilizer manufacturing companies, etc.

On the basis of the final product production at a commercial scale fermentation industries can be divided into the following major types.

  • Food & Beverages Industry
  • Ethanol Producing (Distilleries)
  • Pharmaceutical or Bio-Pharmaceutical
  • Waste and Sewage Treatment
  • Agricultural Feed Products
  • Enzymes Producing
  • Bio-fertilizer
  • Textile Manufacturing

List of Fermentation Industries in India

India has lots of Industries that use Fermentation technology for commercial product production. Maximum of Biotechnology companies use Fermentation technologies for the various types of Biotechnology products production. Fermentation companies are mainly situated in three major states of India which are Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Telangana.

Here we listed some of the major Fermentation Industries of India, in which some are listed in the Indian share market also. We arranged the names of fermentation companies alphabetically in order.

  1. Aurobindo Pharma Limited, Hyderabad, Telangana
  2. Aumgene Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., Surat, Gujarat
  3. Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd., Thane (W), Maharashtra
  4. Biocon Limited, Bengaluru, Karnataka
  5. Bharat Biotech International Limited, Hyderabad, Telangana
  6. Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited (BSV), Thane, Maharashtra
  7. Biological E Ltd., Hyderabad, Telangana
  8. Concord Biotech Limited, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  9. Embio Limited, Mumbai, Maharastra
  10. Fermenta Biotech Limited (FBL), Thane, Maharashtra
  11. Gujarat Themis Biosyn Limited, Vapi, Gujarat
  12. Indian Immunological Ltd., Hyderabad, Telangana
  13. Intas Biopharmaceuticals Ltd., Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  14. IPL Biologicals Limited (International Panaacea Limited), Haridwar, Uttarakhand
  15. India Glycols Ltd., Noida, (U.P.)
  16. Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Limited, (KAPL) Bengaluru, Karnataka
  17. Kinvan Private Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  18. Krebs Biochemicals & Industries Limited, Hyderabad, Telangana
  19. Kothari Fermentation and Biochem ltd., Bulandshahr (U.P.)
  20. Laurus Labs, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
  21. Lumis Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, Maharashtra
  22. Lupin Ltd., Mumbai, Maharashtra
  23. MJ Biopharm Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  24. Panacea Biotec Limited, Chandigarh, Punjab
  25. Prathista Industries Limited, Hyderabad, Telangana
  26. Praj Industries Limited, Pune, Maharashtra
  27. Reliance Life Sciences Private Limited, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
  28. IPCA Laboratories Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  29. Sequence Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, Maharashtra
  30. Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd, Pune, Maharashtra
  31. Sterling Biotech Ltd., Mumbai, Maharashtra
  32. Symbiotec Pharmalab Private Limited, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  33. TCI Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, Tamilnadu
  34. Unichem Laboratories Ltd., Mumbai, Maharashtra
  35. USV Private Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  36. Virchow Biotech Private Limited, Hyderabad, Telangana
  37. Wockhardt Ltd., Mumbai, Maharashtra
  38. Yashraj Biotechnology Ltd, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
  39. Zydus Cadila, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  40. Zytex Biotech Private Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Fermentation Industry and Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a new field of science where Fermentation is a very old technology that is used in our life since ancient times. After the advancement of Biotechnology, many established Fermentation companies started using Biotechnology techniques for producing more profitable products for human welfare.

Many chemical products and pharmaceutical drugs that were initially manufactured by using Chemical technology, now produced by these companies by applying Biotechnology technologies with fermentation technologies. Biotransformation route of the production of APIs are safer than chemical technologies and also cheaper.

Fermentation companies provided the initial starts up to the Biotechnology sector to grow its roots in Industries. Now, most Biotechnology companies use Fermentation technologies for the production of Biological products.

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