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How to Learn Biotechnology Online Free

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In the 21st century, many things have now become online. The education sector exponentially to grown in the year 2020 due to the effect of COVID 19. Every sector students searched online 'how to study online' 'free course sites', 'best online learning platforms' etc. for continuing their studies. Today every student has a smartphone with internet facilities so study through online is not so difficult.

For the Biotechnology students, here we give the answer 'How to Learn Biotechnology online free'. Here we listed some top online free resources for Biotechnology students worldwide that provide online Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare courses free or with minimum charges with certificates and degrees.

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These online free resources are not limited to just reading or watching the courses online, it also includes talking with professors or executives who work in that field. You can join webinars, and conferences and ask your doubts from the professors or speakers directly.

For learning Biotechnology online from anywhere from just by smartphone, we include the following types of free online resources that can Biotechnology students or scholars can use. Every list includes only some most popular free online learning resources website links. There are lots of other websites also that you will know when you search online.

  1. List of Best Online Learning Platforms for Biotechnology Courses
  2. List of Biotechnology Websites
  3. Top Biotechnology Scientific Literature Websites
  4. Government Regulatory Resources
  5. List of Top Biotechnology Blogs
  6. List of Top Biotechnology Forum
  7. Biotechnology Books Online Free Sites

1. List of Best Online Learning Platforms for Biotechnology Courses

Here we listed some of the top websites that provide free courses online on Biotechnology and a maximum of them are open source and provide free tutorials from the various universities to the Biotechnology students of the world. You can download the study materials also from these websites. Here we listed some of the best online learning platforms for students.

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW)

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is the best online learning platform. It provides the most trustable free courses on Biotechnology for Biotechnology students. It is a web-based online publication of virtually all Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) course content. OCW is open and freely available to the world.


Coursera is most popular among the students of the world for free online learning. Coursera provides a global online learning platform that offers students, scholars, or anyone, from anywhere access to the online courses at Coursera and get degrees from world-class universities and companies of the world. It is also the best online learning platform for students or scholars.

The Open University

The Open University runs OpenLearn, which is a free best online learning platform for students worldwide. Students can learn any of the courses free of cost including Biotechnology-related subjects. Open University is a charity in Scotland and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

MOOC is also a free best online learning platform that is aimed at large-scale participation of students and scholars from worldwide to access freely available courses. Most of the courses available here are free of cost but some course has minimum charges for certification or academic credit systems.


SWAYAM is a Government of India initiative that is designed to provide quality education to everyone. The objective of this initiative is to make a bridge between those students who are unable to join the mainstream education system.

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Courses at SWAYAM are free of cost for every student with the SWAYAM certificate. For ensuring the best quality course content at SWAYAM, maximum top-level National Coordinators like AICTE, NPTEL, UGC, NCERT, NIOS, IGNOU, IIMB, etc. are appointed to maintain the course quality. Students can learn AICTE-approved courses.

National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

At the NPTEL platform, Biotechnology students can learn various courses free of cost via video tutorials of the professors of the IITs and IISc. NPTEL is initiated by the seven IITs and IISc Bangalore in 2003 for the science and engineering students where students can also take certificates by paying nominal fees for giving the exam. Many of the courses are AICTE approved and free. NPTEL provides the best free online courses with certificates.

2. List of Biotechnology Websites

Here we provide some of the famous free online learning resources website list with links that Biotechnology students should follow. Here you will get the latest news, articles, videos, etc.

Biotechnology Center

This website is run by the University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center with the objective of maximizing the benefits of biotechnology research and facilitating high-quality, multidisciplinary research and support.

DNAftb blog

It is a very good website that provides you all basics to advance knowledge on the Genetics key concepts. All the concept is explained by animation, video interviews, biographies, image gallery, problem, and links on the website. This website is run by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.


DnaTube is the best way to learn Biotechnology concepts through scientific videos and animations. It is a non-profit organization that provides video-based studies, lecturers, and seminars on Biotechnology related topics.


Wikiversity is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation, which already runs Wikipedia to support the learning community. It provides tutorials, research papers, articles, etc. to every student or scholar.


Today there are lots of YouTube channels available online today that provide quality content free of cost for the students who want to learn Biotechnology. We have not listed here the names of such channels. You will the get channels name that provides the content on the Biotechnology easily by just searching Biotechnology or a specific term on the YouTube.

3. Top Biotechnology Scientific Literature Websites

There are lots of scientific journals that are published worldwide in the field of Biotechnology here we listed only a few top-rated scientific journals' websites names and links that you should follow.


The National Center for Biotechnology Information is the number one website that is mostly used by Biotechnology and Life Science students, where they learn advanced science, health, biomedical and genomic-related information. Every Biotechnology scholar must know about this website.


bioRxiv spelled as "bio-archive", is operated by the non-profit research and educational institution Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. It provides the facility of a free online archive service for unpublished preprints in the Biotechnology and life sciences fields. Research papers hosted on bioRxiv undergo basic screening for plagiarism. Members can comment on the preprint.


Nature is a top-rated scientific journal that is published monthly by Nature Research. It provides the latest research related to biological, biomedical, agricultural, and environmental sciences.


Science Magazine is also among the top academic journal that is published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Cell Press

It publishes more than 50 scientific journals in the field of life, health sciences, and other fields. Maximum journals cover Biotechnology related areas.

4. Government Regulatory Resources

Biotechnology students should know about the regulatory and regulatory authorities, which make rules for the Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. You can learn the rules and regulations free of cost on these websites.

FDA's Regulatory

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for regulating the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of drugs, medicines, biological products, medical devices, and food for protecting the health of humans and animals by ensuring safety, efficacy, and security. Here Biotechnology scholars can learn various regulatory-related resources.

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR)

Code of Federal Regulations is run by the small not-for-profit group and Cornell Law School. Here you can learn all Food and Drugs related laws and regulations.

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5. List of Top Biotechnology Blogs

Here we listed some Biotechnology blogs list which a Biotechnologist can follow to keep themselves updated.

It provides the latest Biotechnology-related news from the various research centers and universities of the world. It is run by the science magazine scienmag.

FiercePharma publishes the latest news, articles, analysis, data, industry products, and finances related to the Biotechnology field, drugs, and the companies.

It is the popular online media of the biotech industry in Europe. That publishes Biotechnology related articles and posts.

Biotech Express

It publishes biotechnology and allied sciences articles, Editorials, Guest Articles, Reports, Views, Interviews, Current News, Research, etc.


It publishes articles and posts on scientific, commercial, legal, and political, trends in the Biotechnology field.

6. List of Top Biotechnology Forum


ResearchGate is a very good website for the scientific community. It is the largest academic social networking site in terms of active users where scientists and researchers ask questions to each other. It is

European commercial social is a networking site where reading articles does not require any registration but if you want to ask questions and interact with each other then you have to register with an active email id.

7. Biotechnology Books Online Free Sites

There are lots of websites that provide lots of Biotechnology books online free for reading and also for download in PDF format or ePUB format for reading any time on the laptop, computer, and smartphone. Here we listed some of the website lists that will be useful for Biotechnology students.

Google Books

Google is for everyone, so Biotechnology students also use the Google Book service to read Biotechnology-related books easily online.

Google Books provides search results of the full text of books and magazines that Google has scanned and converted to text using optical character recognition (OCR) and stored in its giant digital database.


On this website, Biotechnology students can download free eBooks in PDF and ePUB versions of the Biotechnology subjects free of cost and read them any time on mobile on laptop offline mode.


On this website, students can easily download Biotechnology subject’s free eBooks in PDF format free of cost and read them any time on mobile on the laptop. provides downloadable PDF books but there are very limited books available related to Biotechnology. You can preview up to 18 pages before downloading the whole book.

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