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How to Get a Biotechnology Job Easily In India


biotechnology jobs

Biotechnology is a research-oriented field of science so undergraduate degree holders graduate like B.Sc. Biotechnology and B. Tech in Biotechnology faces lots of problems than postgraduate degree holders for searching jobs in their relevant field, which is in Biotechnology or related areas like pharmaceutical, food, distillery, and beverage industry.

We will discuss here some important ways by using you will get a Biotechnologist job very easily in your field of interest.

1. Make a Good Resume

A resume is wholesome of the person’s qualification and it makes a good or bad impression on a company's human resource manager on the basis he will call you for an interview. So an up-to-date and good resume that will show your qualifications and skills is the first requirement,

Your resume must include the relevant qualifications with a good blend of your personal skills that would help you to make a good impact on the recruiter. Your resume must be free from grammatical mistakes and other formatting problems.

You should take the help of your friends or another senior who already doing jobs in any Biotechnology company. You must design your resume according to which type of Biotechnologist job you want to do.

For example, if you want to apply for a microbiologist job in the quality control department of a company, then you must give details on what microbiological testing techniques and testing skills are you learn and have hands-on practical knowledge. If you have any workshop or certificate course on it then it would increase your chances to select.

A cover letter is necessary for describing you in brief and how you will be a suitable candidate for the applied job.

2. Apply at Selected Companies

Since you are want to get a job in your field of interest type Biotechnology company so don’t apply to those companies that are not relevant for you because it will losses your energy and time which is very important at that time. So you must select or make a list of the best suitable types of Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for you and apply only to those companies.

If you're looking for a Bioinformatics job, then applying for those companies that working in the formulation and production field is useless. You have to select that companies deal in the Bioinformatics field such as DNA, RNA sequencing companies, IT companies that develop Biotechnology software, etc.

On the basis of your applying job profile, you must design your resume and focus on training and certificates which are suitable for your job.

3. Use Your Social and Professional Network 

If in your network either family, relatives or friends or seniors belong directly and indirectly in your desire type of Biotechnology company network, then you must use their links and jack for getting the job in that company.

You must be constantly kept in touch with that person who can provide your job in your company. If you are unable to find such a person you use your social networking sites links such as LinkedIn Facebook, WhatsaApps groups, etc.

Today on social networking sites lots of information shared on the daily basis. You have to join these groups and sites that provide Biotechnology job alerts and notifications.

4.  Use References in Your Resume

Mentioning the references of a particular person who already works in the company or organization in which you want to apply increases your chance of selection because the company relies more on his employee reference than the unknown fresher. So for increasing your chance of selection, you must use references in your resume.

5. Prepared for the Interview

If you got an interview call for a job then it is the final stage and after successfully clear it, your chances are increased to get a job. So always take it seriously and ready for all common types of interview questions and try to prepare the job, post, and company- type-specific questions.

Always be ready for the interview because it may be possible you may not get sufficient time for the preparation of the interview. You must brief a study about the company and company products before going to the interview.

If you have any known person in that type of company you may take help from that what types of questions will be asked in the interview. If you have a call letter for a medical coder job profile then you should know about it in brief that what medical coders do and what is their job profile.

6. Online Job Sites

Now day’s lots of online job sites are available which provide daily information about where and in which industry or company have job vacancies. They daily send an email to you about the job vacancies if you registered on their sites.

You should make your online profile, resume on these job sites, and regularly update it. You must select the custom job alerts on these sites for Biotechnology jobs. When you got a notification for a job alert then you have to just apply online on that websites.

Today lots of Biotechnology specific job websites also available on the internet that will provide you specifically Biotechnology related jobs only. Important job sites are listed below that provide you with job notifications and job-related services.

  • LinkedIn

7. Make Your Specialization Very Specific

During the undergraduate or postgraduate study, you must learn those specific techniques and skills which are useful for your future jobs prospects for example if you want to do a job in the research you must learn those techniques which are used in research and if you want to go quality control then you learn techniques which are used in quality testing.

For example, if you want to do a job as Molecular Biotechnologist then you should learn molecular biology techniques like DNA, RNA extraction, PCR, Gel electrophoresis, northern, western and eastern blotting, etc.

8. Accept Relevant Temporary Jobs

There are lots of jobs in the Biotechnology field but if you are looking for a desired type of job and try for best with no jobs in hands, then we will suggest you, you should accept temporary jobs until unless you did not get your desired job.

It is always a better job searching with one job in hand no matter it is temporary or small at least you have a job and provide you financial support. If the gap period increases after passing year of your final exam then you have to give an answer in the interview why you did not get any job to date after completing your final degree.

If you want to do a job in R&D sector and you have a job offer for production department then you can choose production job for a short time till you did not get R&D department job in your the desired field of interest.

9. Learn Techniques and Skills

If you did not get a job in your desired field of interest of Biotechnology then you must increase your skill and learn techniques that are needed by that sector industries.

There are lots of institutes that provide you short-term tools and techniques training which are commonly used in industries or companies. Biotechnology finishing training institutes provide specific techniques and courses that are commonly used in companies.

If you look for a pharmaceutical company jobs then you should know GMP, cGMP, regulatory authorities like Food and Drug Administration (FDA), International Standards Organization (ISO), etc.

10. Believe in God

Always believe in your God because everyone gets a job according to their qualification. If you think you give lots of interviews and not get a job then we can say to you that God has a better job opportunity for you. You will definitely get a good job in your field of interest in Biotechnology.

The above mention points must be kept in your mind you must get a job in your near future.


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