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MCQs on Cell Biology NPTEL Assignments

cell biology cellular organization division and processes nptel

Cell Biology is a core subject of the syllabus for a Life Science student who is pursuing graduation or post-graduation course in subjects like Biotechnology, Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Biochemical Engineering, etc.

Cell Biology Cellular Organization Division and Processes online certification course which is run by the NPTEL and presented by Prof. Shikha Laloraya, she is a Professor of Biochemistry, IISc. She also was an Associate Professor and Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, and a Wellcome Trust International Senior Research Fellow in Biomedical Science in India, at IISc.

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We prepare MCQs online mock test on the Cell Biology NPTEL assignment answers to help the students to solve questions very interactively and evaluate their knowledge level also.

Cell Biology Cellular Organization Division and Processes course is freely available on the NPTEL website for UG and PG students of Biology or Life Science and Professionals or candidates who work in this field and want to learn this course. MCQs on Cell Biology NPTEL assignment answers 2021 will be very helpful for the students to pass this course with a good percentage.

This Cell Biology MCQs online test is prepared for the NPTEL examination, but it is also beneficial for the other MCQs-based competitive and entrance exams like GATE Biotechnology, IIT-JAM, CSIR-NET Life Science, etc.

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NPTEL Cell Biology Course Syllabus

Cell Biology Cellular Organization Division and Processes course is an 8-week course that has 33 lectures with 8 assignments that students have to submit every week within the time limit.

This course will cover the basics of cell organization, the molecules and intracellular processes, DNA transactions, chromosome organization, replication, chromosome segregation, etc. with examples of key discoveries in the field of cell cycle regulation, and chromatin organization.

Students will also learn topics including Nuclear organization, Mitosis, Meiosis, cell death, specialized eukaryotic cells, and their functions, cancer cells-how controls go wrong, and stem, cells, etc.

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The Cell Biology course is divided weekly and as per week, the lecture syllabus is given below.

Week 1

  • Lecture 1- Cell components and organization; macromolecules, membranes, organelles, and processes.
  • Lecture 2- DNA: The genetic material; Cell Cycle.
  • Lecture 3- Regulation of the Cell Cycle.

Week 2

  • Lecture 4- S-phase: DNA Replication and its regulation. Repair and recombination.
  • Lecture 5- Checkpoints: DNA Damage and DNA Replication Checkpoints.

Week 3

  • Lecture 6- Chromosome reorganization during mitosis; The centrosome duplication cycle.
  • Lecture 7- The microtubule cytoskeleton; Spindle organization, assembly, and dynamics.
  • Lecture 8- Molecular motors; Role of motor proteins in mitosis.

Week 4

  • Lecture 9- Mitotic Checkpoints; Chromosome Segregation and cell division.
  • Lecture 10- Meiosis

Week 5

  • Lecture 11- Cell death, aging, and senescence.
  • Lecture 12- Chromatin organization
  • Lecture 13- SMC Proteins and chromosome organization

Week 6

  • Lecture 14- The cohesin complex and its functions.
  • Lecture 15- Nuclear organization

Week 7

  • Lecture 16- Cell diversity and properties of specialized cells.
  • Lecture 17- The Cancer Cell
  • Lecture 18- Stem cells

Week 8

  • Lecture 19- Nerve cells
  • Lecture 20- The Plant Cell

Benefits of MCQs on Cell Biology

All MCQs on Cell Biology are based on the NPTEL assignment questions and answers given on the NPTEL website. We covered all Cell Biology NPTEL assignment questions with answers in 2021. This free online mock test will be helpful to secure good marks in the final MCQs-based online exam.

After solving the Cell Biology assignment MCQs questions and answers students will become familiar with which type of questions will be asked in the final examination and they could solve the questions very easily during the exam.

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On the BioTechBug website, there is no registration or sign-up required to solve the Cell Biology assignment MCQs questions. All MCQs are prepared in a very interactive Quiz format that is easy to solve for the students.

This cell biology online mock test is very helpful for the candidates who are preparing for the semester, entrance or competitive exams related to Biologies or Life science subjects like GATE Biotechnology, IIT-JAM, CSIR-NET Life science, and other university exams for admission should practice these objective type questions.

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Cell Biology Assignment Answers of 2021

Disclaimer: All NPTEL MCQs on Cell Biology cell biology NPTEL assignment answers are prepared carefully but we do not guarantee 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is the chance of mistyping.

Cell Biology Mock Test

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