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MCQs on Human Molecular Genetics NPTEL Assignment Answers

human molecular genetics

Majorly in Molecular Biology or in Genetics, we study Human Molecular Genetics during the UG or PG courses in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Genetic Engineering, etc. But this NPTEL Human Molecular Genetics course is focused on Human Genetics mainly. NPTEL Human Molecular Genetics online certification course is conducted by Prof. S. Ganesh, who teaches biology, genetics, and genomics in the Department of Bioengineering at IIT Kanpur.

We prepare the MCQs on Human Molecular Genetics purely based on the NPTEL assignment question and answers to help the students who are pursuing this course and want to solve these MCQs very interactively.

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These Human Molecular Genetics multiple choice questions and answers are very useful for the students of UG and PG who are pursuing Genetic Engineering, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, and Bio-engineering. The Human Molecular Genetics course is freely available on the NPTEL website for professionals or candidates who are working in this field and want to learn this course.

These Human Molecular Genetics MCQs are prepared for the NPTEL examination, but it is also beneficial for the other students who have to give MCQs-based exams like IIT-JAM, GATE Biotechnology, CSIR-NET Life Science, etc. Students who look for MCQs on Genetic, MCQs on Molecular biology, genetic engineering MCQs, Applications of genetic engineering MCQs with answers, etc, will also get lots of multiple-choice questions and answers on similar topics.

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NPTEL Human Molecular Genetics Course Syllabus

NPTEL Human Molecular Genetics's free online course is a 4 -week course that has 15 lectures with 4 assignments that students have to submit every week.

This course will cover the basics of Genetic and human molecular genetics. This course is very useful for medical and clinical researchers who are interested in understanding the principles and complexities of human genetics and want to make careers in genetic counselling and DNA diagnostics at public health services, counselling centres, and diagnostic laboratories.

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The Human Molecular Genetics course content is divided weekly and as per week, the lecture topics are given below.

Week 1: Fundamentals of central dogma (DNA, RNA and proteins; mutations), Chromosome structure and function (organization; structure-function relationship; chromosome abnormalities).

Week 2: Genes in the pedigree (Mendelian pedigree patterns, complications to pedigree patterns), DNA cloning and hybridization techniques (vector-based cloning; nuclei acid hybridizations; PCR-based DNA analyses)

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Week 3: Mutation and instability of human DNA (mutation and polymorphism; pathogenic mutations, repeat expansions), Molecular pathology (types of mutations; animal models for human disease)

Week 4: Identifying human disease genes (functional cloning versus positional cloning; mutation screening), Complex diseases; The Human Genome and HapMap projects

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Benefits of MCQs on Human Molecular Genetics

All MCQs on Human Molecular Genetics is based on the previous year's assignment questions and answers given on the NPTEL website. We covered assignment questions and answers for the year 2020.

After solving the MCQs on Human Molecular Genetics assignment questions and answers candidates will understand which type of MCQs will be asked in the final online examination.

There is no registration and sign-up is required to solve the Human Molecular Genetics MCQs questions. All MCQs are prepared in a Quiz format that is very interactive to solve for the students.

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Human Molecular Genetics NPTEL Assignment Answers of 2020

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Disclaimer: All NPTEL MCQs on Human Molecular Genetics are prepared carefully but we do not guarantee 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is the chance of typo error.

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