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MCQs on Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications on NPTEL Assignments

bioinformatics mcq with answers

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary subject of Biotechnology where we analyze and interpret a variety of biological data by using computational techniques. Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications are a very new field of study. NPTEL runs the online certification course in Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications which is presented by Prof. M Michael Gromiha, Associate Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, India.

Bioinformatics subject is the main subject for Biotechnology students. We prepared the MCQs on Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications based on the NPTEL weekly assignments question and answers in the MCQs mock test format to help the students to solve these questions.

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The Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications course is online available on the NPTEL website for UG and PG students of Biology, Life Science, Biotechnology, Botany, and IT Professionals also. IT Professionals or Biotechnology candidates who already work in this field can also do and learn something new in this course. Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications NPTEL assignment answers 2020 MCQs mock test will be helpful to pass this online certification course with a good percentage.

These MCQs on Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications are prepared for the NPTEL Biotechnology examination, but it is also beneficial for the other MCQs-based competitive exams. Students who search for MCQ on bioinformatics with answers, MCQ on BLAST and FASTA, computational biology MCQ, bioinformatics question bank MCQ, MCQ on biological databases, etc. can also solve these mock tests.

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NPTEL Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications Course Syllabus

NPTEL Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications online course is a 12-week course that has 69 lectures with 12 assignments that students have to submit timely every week.

This course will cover the basics of bioinformatics such as the development of databases computationally derived hypotheses, algorithms, and computer-aided drug design. Students will learn DNA and protein sequence databases and analysis, secondary structures, and 3D structural analysis.

Students will learn applications also such as the prediction of protein structure, folding rates, stability upon mutation, and intermolecular interactions with computer-aided drug design using docking and QSAR studies.

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The Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications course content is divided weekly and as per week, the lecture syllabus is given below.

  • Week 1: Introduction, DNA sequence analysis, DNA Databases
  • Week 2: Protein structure and function, protein sequence databases, sequence alignment
  • Week 3: PAM matrix, Global and local alignment, BLAST: features and scores
  • Week 4: Multiple sequence alignment, Conservation score, phylogenetic trees
  • Week 5: Protein sequence analysis, hydrophobicity profiles, non-redundant datasets
  • Week 6: Protein secondary structures, Ramachandran plot, propensity, secondary structure prediction
  • Week 7: Protein tertiary structure, Protein Data Bank, visualization tools, structural classification
  • Week 8: Protein structural analysis, protein structure prediction
  • Week 9: Protein stability, energetic contributions, database, stabilizing residues
  • Week 10: Protein folding rates, proteins interactions, binding site residues
  • Week 11: Computer-aided drug design, docking, screening, QSAR
  • Week 12: Development of algorithms, awk programming, machine learning techniques, and applications using WEKA

Benefits of MCQs on Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications

All MCQs on Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications are based on the year 2020 assignment questions and answers given on the NPTEL website. We covered all twelve weekly assignment questions and answers. Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications assignment MCQs online mock test will help students to understand which type of questions will be asked in the final certificate course online examination.

At BioTechBug there is no registration and sign-up is required to solve the Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications assignment MCQs questions. All MCQs are prepared in a very interactive Quiz format that is easy to solve for the students.

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Candidates who are preparing for entrance or competitive exams like other university exams for admission should practice these objective-type multiple-choice questions on Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications.

Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications Assignment Answers of 2020

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Disclaimer: All NPTEL MCQs on Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications are prepared carefully but we do not guarantee 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is a chance of mistyping. If you find any wrong answers please comment below, and we will rectify them.

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