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MCQs on Bioinformatics

mcq on bioinformatics with answers

Bioinformatics is the main subject of the Biotechnology course that is always in the syllabus of Biotechnology graduates or postgraduate courses in various universities and colleges.

Bioinformatics means the application of computers and mathematics tools for the computation, analysis, and interpretation of huge biological data. Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that has applications in computer science, mathematics, physics, and biology.

Bioinformatics is now days very essential for the management of huge biological data generated day by day in modern biology and medicine. Students have to learn various Bioinformatics tools including computer software programs such as BLAST and Ensembl, which are working on the internet online.

Bioinformatics is an important subject of Biotechnology and modern life science so in every entrance and competitive exam many MCQs on the Bioinformatics topics come with good marks. So Life Science or Biotechnology students have to practice Bioinformatics MCQs to secure good marks in the desired exams.

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On the Internet today specifically MCQ on Bioinformatics is not available in much amount so students search to practice Bioinformatics MCQ for gate, MCQ book for Bioinformatics, MCQ on Bioinformatics with answers, etc. on Google. To solve this, the BioTechBug team prepared an MCQ on Bioinformatics with answers that have a good amount of MCQ on the Bioinformatics database.

Multiple-choice questions with answers on Bioinformatics are prepared on the basic standard syllabus of the various Bioinformatics books. There are many competitive and entrance exams conducted at graduation and post-graduation levels like IIT-JAM, GATE Life Sciences, GATE Biotechnology, DBT-JRF, CSIR-NET-JRF, JNU, etc. in which multiple-choice questions are asked on Bioinformatics.

Nowadays every competitive entrance exam is conducted Computer-Based online mode by universities and government agencies on the Biotechnology subject that includes multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on Bioinformatics. So practicing on the MCQs on Bioinformatics is also very important for getting good marks in the competitive and entrance exams.

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Bioinformatics Subject Important Topics

BioTechBug team subject experts prepared MCQs on Bioinformatics with answers on the important topics that are asked in various Biotechnology and Life Science competitive and entrance exams which are very important for securing good marks. The major topics or chapters of Bioinformatics subject are listed below.

  • Introduction to Biological Databases
  • Pairwise Sequence Alignment
  • Database Similarity Searching
  • Multiple Sequence Alignment
  • Profiles and Hidden Markov Models
  • Protein Motifs and Domain Prediction
  • Identification of motifs and Domains in multiple Sequence
  • Alignment
  • Gene Prediction
  • Promoter and Regulatory Element Prediction
  • Phylogenetic Basics
  • Phylogenetic Tree Construction Methods and Programs
  • Protein Structure Basics
  • Protein Structure Visualization, Comparison, and Classification
  • Protein Secondary Structure Prediction
  • Protein Tertiary Structure Prediction
  • RNA Structure Prediction
  • Genome Mapping, Assembly, and Comparison
  • Functional Genomics
  • Proteomics

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Disclaimer: All Bioinformatics multiple choice questions and answers are prepared with accuracy but we do not guarantee or claim 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is a chance of typing errors.

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