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MCQs on Bioelectrochemistry NPTEL Assignments

MCQs on Bioelectrochemistry

Bioelectrochemistry is mainly a branch of physical chemistry where electrophysiological chemical or biological reactions are studied. Candidates will learn mainly cell electron-proton transport, redox reactions, cell membrane potentials, and electrode reactions of redox enzymes.  Bioelectrochemistry is used mainly in the Biosensor industry, Bio-electrochemical process industry, and biomedical devices development.

Bioelectrochemistry is an elective subject in Biochemical, Biomedical, and Biotechnology Engineering courses. Regular post-graduate degree courses in Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Biotechnology also have Bioelectrochemistry subjects.

The Bioelectrochemistry course is freely available on the NPTEL website for Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Life Science students. This course is very nicely presented by Prof.Mainak Das, who is a faculty of IIT Kanpur India in the Department of biological sciences & Bioengineering.

To help the students we make MCQs on Bioelectrochemistry which are completely based on the assignment questions with answers that are asked during the course duration.

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NPTEL Bioelectrochemistry Course Syllabus

The Bio-electro-chemistry course will be completed in 4 weeks that has 20 lectures with 4 assignments that students have to submit timely every week.

This course will cover the broad horizon and applications, with the governing principles and the basic laws of Bioelectrochemistry.

This course will especially focus on the applications of these principles in biology, bio-sensors, bio-fuel cells, and diagnostics.

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The weekly lecture syllabus is given below.

  • Week 1: Fundamentals of electrochemistry with special references to bio-electrochemistry
  • Week 2: Electrodes & potentiometry
  • Week 3: Redox titrations
  • Week 4: Electro-analytical techniques

Benefits of MCQs on Bioelectrochemistry

All MCQs on Bioelectrochemistry is purse based on the core syllabus given on the NPTEL website. We covered all assignment MCQs with answers with additional MCQs for practice to secure good marks in the final MCQs-based online exam.

After solving the Bioelectrochemistry assignment MCQs questions and answers students will become familiar with which type of questions will be asked in the final NPTEL certificate course examination and they could solve the questions very easily during the exam.

On the BioTechBug website, there is no registration or sign-up required to solve the Bioelectrochemistry assignment MCQs questions. All Bioelectrochemistry MCQs are prepared in a very interactive Quiz format that is easy to solve for the students.

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Disclaimer: All NPTEL MCQs on Bioelectrochemistry are prepared carefully but we do not guarantee 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is a chance of mistyping.

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