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Which is Better M.Tech or MBA in Biotechnology after B.Tech in Biotechnology

MBA or M.Tech Biotechnology

After completing B.Tech in Biotechnology, Biotech Engineers get confused to choose an MBA or M.Tech course in Biotechnology. They ask questions to their seniors, relatives, and teachers like which is better MBA or M.Tech after B.Tech, who earns more MBA or M.Tech, what is the salary after M.Tech, etc. but not get a suitable answer from them.

In this article, we describe, which course is a better option for Biotechnology Engineers either MBA or M.Tech in Biotechnology.

For the BSc Biotechnology graduates, this question does not much arise because they prefer to do MSc Biotechnology after the BSc but for every engineering student, this is a very common problem to deciding a better course for them. This is due to the engineering students both courses are suitable but it fully depends on them which field of interest in which area of Biotechnology he will want to make a career.

Going to the core field in Biotechnology after doing M.Tech or choosing an MBA for opening new areas doors of management. Both courses are two different roads where Biotech engineers walk as per their field interest after completing their B.Tech in Biotechnology. A Biotech engineer can choose also the core MBA and MBA in Biotechnology also.

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MBA or M.Tech

MBA or M.Tech courses are both purely professional courses and are always in demand in the market. Both courses are offered by the top-level institutes of India like IITs and IIMs all over India. Both courses are the best option for engineering students that enhances their skills and knowledge. There are no problem-related job prospects after completing these courses in India or abroad.

As the name, Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a management course where students learn about the management skills required to run the Industries and companies smoothly. MBA will increase your reading, writing, communication, personal, and interpersonal skills. Master in Technology (M.Tech) is a core technical course where students learn the various technologies used in Industries and companies to develop or manufacture new products.

Field of Interest in Biotechnology

If you have done B. Tech in Biotechnology then it is clear you had an interest in Biotechnology. Now after B.Tech you want to continue or not it purely depends on your interest level. If you did not interest more now in the core field of Biotechnology and do not want to move to research-oriented courses then you can choose MBA in Biotechnology. You can do a normal MBA also like in Marketing, Operation Management, etc.

If your interest is more increased after doing B. Tech in Biotechnology and you want to do continue it the M Tech in Biotechnology is more suitable for you where you learn developing new technologies and products. M Tech in Biotechnology course gives you more technical skills and subject knowledge that will help you if you choose the academic field in institutes.

Mode of MBA or M.Tech Course

M Tech in Biotechnology is a purely practical, technical, and researched-based course so M.Tech in Biotechnology is not available generally in part-time or distance mode. You have to do M.Tech in Biotechnology as a regular course and attend the classes regularly with practicals.

MBA is a management course that can be done part-time and distance mode with a job also. But it will be more beneficial in regular mode course by attending classes regularly. MBA in part-time mode is also offered by very reputed institutes that provide quality content and maintain it.

Career scope of MBA or M.Tech in Biotechnology

It is more beneficial before choosing any course you search its career scope in current scenarios and demand in industries or markets. MBA in Biotechnology is a new course and less in demand than the regular MBA courses. So if you plan to do an MBA course choose your specialization carefully?

M.Tech is a traditional course but Biotechnology is new in comparison to other engineering branches so there are also limited Biotech companies in India.

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Main Fields of MBA or M.Tech in Biotechnology

After completing a regular MBA you can switch to fields of Banking, management, finance, consultancy, agri-management, corporate management, academics, sales, marketing, and the HR world.

M.Tech Biotechnology cover mainly industry-related research, Biotech or Biomedical engineering equipment, academics, etc.

Entrance Exams for MBA or M.Tech Biotechnology

All IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) offer MBA courses in different branches. They conduct the CAT entrance exam for selecting the best students.

M.Tech in Biotechnology is currently not offered by all IITs (Indian Institute of Technology). Only a few IITs offer M.Tech in Biotechnology and IITs conducted the GATE entrance exam for taking admission in these courses.

Who Earns More MBA or M.Tech?

Almost every student wants to choose that course for studying that provides more earnings than another course. In comparison to earning both courses are almost nearby but more accurately MBA degree holder earns more than the M.Tech Biotechnology scholars. Job opportunities for the MBA scholar are more than the M.Tech scholar that why for MBA professionals there is more job switching opportunity.


If you read the above article carefully you will find out that both courses have some merits and demerits. But the selection of these courses purely depends on you. You again read this post and find out the answer to your question about which field you like most and want to do specialization in it. MBA vs. M.Tech is an endless debate topic in academics for the students so choose in it what is most suited to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions on MBA vs. M. Tech Biotechnology

Q. Can I do MBA after M.Tech?

Ans. Definitely yes, anyone can do an MBA after doing an M.Tech degree in any branch whether it is Biotechnology, civil, mechanical, or any other branch of M. Tech.

You can do any time MBA after M.Tech from various universities. You can also choose any mode either regular, part-time, or distance mode.

Q. Which is better M.Tech or MBA?

Ans. Both courses are good in their place and their objectives are different. You have to choose one of the best suitable courses for you.

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Q. MBA or M.Tech which gives more salary?

Ans. MBA scholars get more salary packages than the M.Tech professional if both have the same qualification except for the MBA and M.Tech degree as the final course. This is due to management professionals getting higher salary packages in Corporate or industries than technical professionals.

Q. Who earns more MBA or M.Tech?

Ans. MBA professionals earn more than M.Tech professional because they have lots of options to switch to other companies or corporates easily but an M.Tech professional have to search their core field company to switch the job.

Q. Is it worth doing MBA after M.Tech?

Ans. Yes, it is worth doing MBA after M.Tech if you want to do so. If you no more want to continue with your M.Tech degree in the core research field or academics and are interested in the management sector. You can do MBA with your job in part-time mode also if you want to switch from the technical field to the operation or management sector.

Q. Can I do M.Tech and MBA together?

Ans. No, doing both M.Tech and MBA together is not possible to pursue together in India because both are postgraduate courses and you have to submit documents of your undergraduate course in one of the institutes where you take admission.

Q. Why pursue an MBA after M.Tech Biotechnology?

Ans. Biotechnology companies are very few so there are few opportunities for the M.Tech Biotech professional. After doing an MBA, lots of new job opportunities will be available for you. You can switch in technical management, operational and marketing fields of Biomedical, herbal, pharmaceutical, FMCG, etc companies.

Q. Which course is costly MBA or M.Tech Biotechnology?

Ans. M.Tech in Biotechnology is less costly than the MBA or MBA in Biotechnology. Getting admission to reputed MBA colleges is also tough than M.Tech colleges. M.Tech Biotechnology programs are quite more affordable than MBA in the same institutes.

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