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Scope of Biotechnology in India

biotechnology scope

The Government of India started the initiatives in 1986 for increasing the scope of Biotechnology in India. But the results started getting in the last decades and now in India. Now you can choose Biotechnology as a career and gets Biotechnology jobs in various Biotechnology companies.

Brief Introduction to Biotechnology

Biotechnology is one of the most progressive fields of science that provides the most demanding career options among people who want to explore science in a wider range. A field that is a mesh up of physics, chemistry mathematics, engineering, etc. It is an alliance of various- technologies to either create a new product or modify an existing one as per the current needs.

Biotech has various applications across different sectors such as food & beverage, medicine, chemical, bio-products, nutrition, Biofuels, environmental conservation, and animal sciences making Biotechnology one of the fastest-growing fields in India with enormous opportunities for qualified professionals. Due to the constant increase in the population of the country, there is a huge requirement of life science that could help in improving the demand for medicine and products.

There is a continuous demand for these professionals in various organizations working in different sectors of industrial research and development. On the supply side, technical colleges doing their best to provide the growing need for qualified professionals.

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Importance of the Biotechnology

Due to COVID-19 in India, everyone now going to more aware of the hygienic, viruses, diseases, vaccines, medicines, and other medical-related terms. Vaccines are majorly prepared by the Biotech companies in India such as Panacea Biotech, Bharat Biotech, and Serum Institute of India. 

Now in the year 2020, people of the world realized the importance of the Biotechnology and requirement of skilled manpower in the Biotechnology field. In the year 2020 Biotechnology, various techniques play a major role in saving the lives of COVID-19-infected persons.

Eligibility for opting Biotechnology Course

Students with science group subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology/Maths, or both in their class 10+2 can opt for Biotechnology as their stream in their undergraduate course.

This undergraduate program in Biotechnology can either be B.Sc(Bachelor of Science), B.E(Bachelor of Engineering) /B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology). The B.Sc. program is for a total of 3 years while the B.E/B.Tech program for 4 years.

Students who are interested in higher education can go for a master's in Biotechnology after their graduation. Post-graduation courses in Biotechnology are M.Sc. (Masters of Science), M.E. (Masters of Engineering)/M.Tech. (Masters of Technology).

Students interested in research and development can move further by pursuing their Ph.D. in Biotechnology. 

Pros and Cons of Biotechnology Career

Every field of science has pros and cons related to career options and job prospects. Some of the major advantages and disadvantages of Biotechnology chosen as a career are listed below.

  • Biotechnology is a prospecting and constantly growing field and has a scope globally expanded especially in terms of research.
  • The scope for research is broad and efficiency in work will accelerate one's career in the field.
  • It provides you various career options with a single course.
  • Biotechnology career options in more in foreign countries than in India.
  • One has to be patient while giving walk-in interviews and direct interviews.
  • The total number of Biotech companies in the market is serving is very less in comparison to other sectors.
  • Patience and hard work are key to get success in the Biotech field but sometimes it may be frustrating.
  • This is not a profession for people who want to make money fast but for those people who are looking for a long-term and well-reputed career.

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Initial Payscale in Biotechnology Jobs in India

Like any other work profile, the payscale depends upon your academic qualification, your specialization also the institute from where you achieved your degree. Freshers in this field usually take up a monthly salary in the range of Rs 12,000 to Rs 20,000.

It has been observed that candidates who have a Master’s degree in Biotechnology get a better initial pay scale in comparison to candidates who are having a graduate degree in this field. As the experience in the relative Biotechnology, field increases larger the paycheques could be earned in this astonishing and inspiring profession.

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Biotechnology Job Prospects in India

Candidates often get confused about what would be their role in Industries, so here are some positions mentioned in which Biotechnologist can work for various organizations/industries:

Medical scientists: Medical scientists are those who study diseases and relative pathogenicity setting with the aim to improve human health. Through research, medical scientist determines how diseases are caused and develop countermeasures to prevent or treat them. Novartis is a Big name in the Biotech sector that hires Medical scientists.

Biological Technicians: Biological technicians, in many companies/ laboratories, are also called laboratory assistants, who majorly are responsible for performing scientific tests, experiments, and analyses. The analysis could be quantitative or qualitative. 

Medical and Clinical Lab Technologists & Technicians: Clinical laboratory technologists and technicians are majorly responsible for sample collection, performing analytical tests, and analyzing human samples and other substances.

Biochemists: Biochemists deal with molecular-level operations, such as cell development, cell functioning and, their metabolism, signal transduction among different cells, and how toxins affect an organism.

Biomedical Engineers: They are majorly responsible for designing instruments, devices, and software used in healthcare; developing innovative methods and procedures using various aspects of and many technical sources; or conducting the research needed to solve clinical problems. Sartorius, Sigma, Waters, etc. are among some big brands which majorly focus on Biomedical engineers.

Microbiologists: Microbiologists deals with the growth and characteristics of microbes such as bacteria, virus, and fungi. Assurance of aseptic area, following GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).

Epidemiologists: Epidemiologists study diseases, their outbreaks, causes, the center of origin also potential spreads, and how various communities are affected, by using relative information, they aid in the prevention of future outbreaks.  Epidemiologists help to keep the public informed regarding preventive measures to control the disease's spread. WHO (World Health Organization), National Institute of Epidemiology(NIE), All India Institute of Public & Hygiene, etc. are some of the institutes which Epidemiologists suit their interest

R&D and Process Development Scientists: R&D and process development scientists are concerned with creating innovative products as per the company’s standards or improving processes that could not only improve the production of existing processes of a product but also be cost-effective. All Biotech/pharmaceutical/ Biopharmaceutical industries look for such candidates.

Biomanufacturing Specialists:  They differ from regular manufacturing specialists in other domains. They manufacture the biological/ microbial-based products under cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) in the cleanroom to adhere to any cross-contamination activity that might affect the product.

List of Biotech Companies in India

Since the last decade, India has seen a Biotech boom in the market. Biotech Companies in India have increased enormously with a high pace equipped with new methods and technologies that help in manufacturing and developing a product that focused on healthy lifestyles and food production, biotechnology has become an essential field of innovation and science. Some of the top Biotech companies in India are listed below.
  • Biocon Biocon Ltd
  • Serum Institute of India Ltd
  • Panacea Biotec
  • Bharat Biotech
  • Shantha Biotechnics Ltd
  • Indian Immunologicals Ltd
  • Transasia
  • GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Piramal Group
  • Wockhardt

List of Top Foreign Biotech Companies

Let's go through a look at the top foreign companies in the Biotech world.
  • Amgen, United States
  • Novo Nordisk, Denmark
  • CSL Limited, Australia
  • Gilead Sciences, Inc., United States
  • Celgene Corporation, United States
  • Roche, Switzerland
  • Novartis International AG, Switzerland
  • Merck & Co., Inc., United States
  • Pfizer Inc., United States
  • Abbott Laboratories, United States

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