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MCQs on NEET Biology Unit 5 Human Physiology

NEET 2024 Biology Unit 5 Human Physiology

NEET Biology Unit 5, focusing on Human Physiology, is a critical section for aspiring medical students. It delves into the intricate workings of the human body, covering topics such as the respiratory system, circulatory system, excretory system, digestive system, endocrine system, and reproductive system.

In this blog post, we will explore the key aspects of NEET Biology Unit 5 and introduce BioTechBug's website, offering a free online mock test series for effective preparation. BioTechBug free online test series for NEET 2024 includes Biology Unit 5 Human Physiology each topic 25 MCQs to practice for the NEET aspirants.

Syllabus of Unit 5: Human Physiology

Breathing and Respiration: Respiratory organs in animals (recall only); Respiratory system in humans; Mechanism of breathing and its regulation in humans-Exchange of gases, transport of gases and regulation of respiration Respiratory volumes; Disorders related to respiration-Asthm4 Emphysema, Occupational respiratory disorders.

Body fluids and circulation: composition of blood, blood groups, coagulation of brood; composition of lymph and its function; Human circulatory system structure of human heart and blood vessels; cardiac cycle, cardiac output. ECG Double circulation;

Regulation of cardiac activity; Disorders of circulatory system-Hypertension, coronary artery disease, Angina pectoris, Heart failure.

Excretory products and their elimination: Modes of excretion- Ammonotelism, ureotelism, uricotelism; Human excretory system structure and function; Urine formation, osmoregulation; Regulation of kidney function-Renin-angiotensin, Atrial Natriuretic Factor ADH and Diabetes insipidus; Role of other organs in excretion; Disorders; Uraemia, Renal failure, Renal calculi, Nephritis; Dialysis and artificial kidney.

Locomotion and Movement: Types of movement- ciliary, fiagellar, muscular; Skeletal muscle- contractile proteins and muscle contraction; Skeletal system and its functions (To be dealt with the relevant practical of practical syllabus); Joints; Disorders of muscular and skeletal system-Myasthenia gravis, Tetany, Muscular dystrophy, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Gout.

Neural control and coordination: Neuron and nerves; Nervous system in humans central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, and visceral nervous system; Generation and conduction of nerve impulse; chemical coordination and regulation: Endocrine glands and hormones; Human endocrine system-Hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, Thyroid, parathyroid, Adrenal, Pancreas, Gonads; Mechanism of hormone action (Elementary idea); Role of hormones as messengers and regulators, Hypo-and hyperactivity and related disorders (common disorders e.g. Dwarfism, Acromegaly, Cretinism, goiter, exophthalmic goiter, diabetes, Addison's disease).

Understanding NEET Biology Unit 5: Human Physiology

Unit 5 of NEET Biology is a comprehensive study of the physiological processes that occur within the human body. It requires a deep understanding of the structure and function of various organs and systems, along with the mechanisms underlying essential physiological processes.

Key Topics in Unit 5

1. Respiratory System: Students delve into the anatomy of the respiratory system, understanding gas exchange in the lungs, and the role of respiratory pigments like hemoglobin.

2. Circulatory System: Exploration of the heart's structure and function, blood vessels, components, cardiac cycle, blood pressure regulation, and circulation.

3. Excretory System: Learning about kidney structure and function, urine formation, and the regulation of water and electrolyte balance.

4. Digestive System: Understanding the anatomy of the digestive tract, processes of digestion, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients, and the role of digestive enzymes.

5. Endocrine System: Studying the role of hormones, endocrine glands, and their functions in maintaining homeostasis.

6. Reproductive System: Exploring the anatomy and physiology of the male and female reproductive systems, gametogenesis, and reproductive health.

Importance of Online Mock Tests for NEET Biology

Online mock tests are crucial for effective NEET Biology preparation. Here's why:

1. Assessment of Knowledge: Mock tests provide a simulated exam environment, allowing students to assess their understanding of Unit 5 concepts and identify areas of improvement.

2. Time Management Practice: NEET exam demands efficient time management. Mock tests help students practice answering questions within the stipulated time frame, enhancing their speed and efficiency

3. Identification of Weak Areas: Mock tests help pinpoint weak areas, enabling students to focus on specific topics that require additional attention.

4. Familiarization with Exam Pattern: Online mock tests familiarize students with the NEET exam pattern, question types, and difficulty levels, reducing anxiety on exam day.

5. Reinforcement of Concepts: Regular practice through mock tests reinforces Unit 5 concepts, improving retention and recall during the actual exam.

BioTechBug's Free Online Practice Test Series:

BioTechBug is an excellent platform offering a free online practice test series for NEET Biology. Here's why BioTechBug is a standout choice:

1. Full-Length Mock Tests: BioTechBug provides full-length mock tests covering all NEET Biology Unit 5 topics, closely resembling the actual exam pattern.

2. Chapter-wise Tests: Chapter-wise tests allow targeted practice and revision, enabling students to focus on specific chapters as needed.

3. Detailed Solutions: In-depth solutions are provided for each question, helping students understand concepts and correct mistakes.

4. Performance Analysis: BioTechBug's test series includes a detailed performance analysis highlighting strengths and weaknesses, allowing students to track their progress and improvement.

5. Access Anytime, Anywhere: The platform offers the flexibility to practice tests anytime, anywhere, using a computer or mobile device.

Mastering NEET Biology Unit 5: Human Physiology is essential for success in the NEET exam. BioTechBug's free online mock test series provides a valuable resource for effective preparation, offering assessment, practice, and detailed performance analysis. By incorporating these online mock tests into their study routine, NEET aspirants can enhance their understanding of Unit 5 concepts and build confidence to excel in the exam.

Prepare diligently, utilize online mock tests, and take advantage of BioTechBug's free practice test series to elevate your NEET Biology preparation to new heights. Success awaits those who embrace comprehensive and targeted preparation methods. Good luck on your journey to acing the NEET exam!

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