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MCQs on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

pharmaceutical biotechnology mcq with answers

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is the elective or additional subject of the Biotechnology course that has to be chosen by the student to study in various universities and colleges for graduate and post-programs. Pharmaceutical biotechnology is a new and developing field in which biotechnology techniques are applied to the development of advanced drugs that are more sophisticated, accurate, and reduce the side effects of chemical drugs.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology MCQ with answers is useful for those students who are studying this course in their academics and appearing in the various competitive exams related to Biotechnology and pharmaceutical. This is like a pharmaceutical biotechnology quiz that has students have to solve and find out how much they secured marks to check their knowledge.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is not a compulsory subject but questions from this subject also come in the various exams like IIT-JAM, DBT-NET, GATE Biotechnology, DBT-JRF, CSIR-NET-JRF, JNU, etc.

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By solving MCQs of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology candidates can perform better than before. This post consists of the latest objective questions on the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology subject. So solving these MCQs of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is the best approach to get success in various competitive exams.

MCQ on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology topics is not available is sufficient amount on the internet to practice MCQ questions so students search it by various ways to get MCQ on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology like pharmaceutical MCQs with answers, pharmaceutical biotechnology question bank, pharmaceutical biotechnology MCQ with answers, pharmaceutical biotechnology quiz, etc. on Google. To solve this, the BioTechBug team prepared Pharmaceutical Biotechnology MCQ questions and answers that have a good amount of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology topics and multiple-choice questions with answers.

Every year there are lots of online or offline entrance and competitive exams conducted by the universities and government agencies on the Biotechnology subject that includes multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. So practicing on the MCQs on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is also very important for getting good marks in the competitive and entrance exams.

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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Subject Important Topics

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is a newly designed subject that is based entirely on modern biotechnological techniques that update the existing pharmaceutical techniques. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology encompasses a wider range of altogether newer medicinal compounds, e.g., antibiotics, vaccines, and monoclonal antibodies (MABs) that may now be produced commercially using well-defined, optimized, and improved fermentative methodologies.

In the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology course, students have to study mainly Immunology and Immunological Preparations, Genetic Recombination, Antibiotics, Microbial Transformations, and Enzyme Immobilization, Advent of Biotechnology, Biosensor Technology, Bioinformatics, and Data Mining, Regulatory Issues in Biotechnology, and Safety in Biotechnology, etc.

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BioTechBug team subject experts prepared MCQs on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology on the important topics that are asked in the various Biotechnology and Life Science competitive and entrance exams. The major topics of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology are listed below.

  • Immunology and Immunological Preparations
  • Genetic Recombination
  • Antibiotics
  • Microbial Transformations
  • Enzyme Immobilization
  • Advent of Biotechnology
  • Biosensor Technology
  • Bioinformatics and Data Mining
  • Regulatory Issues in Biotechnology
  • Safety in Biotechnology

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Disclaimer: All Pharmaceutical Biotechnology multiple choice questions and answers are prepared with accuracy but we do not claim 100% accuracy so place checks the answers yourself also because there is the chance of mistyping.

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