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MCQs on Plant Biotechnology

plant biotechnology mcq with answers

Plant Biotechnology MCQs are asked in the various competitive exams like GATE Biotechnology, CSIR-NET Life Science, IIT-JAM, and various entrance exams of the various courses related to Biotechnology and Life Science.

Plant Biotechnology is a common subject of the various degree and postgraduate courses of the Life Science and Biotechnology like Biotechnology, Plant Breeding, and genetics, Genetic Engineering, Agriculture Biotechnology, etc. So MCQs on Plant Biotechnology are asked in their semester, competitive, and entrance exams.

BioTechBug team subject experts prepared MCQs on Plant Biotechnology with answers for the students of Biotechnology and Life Science related courses. Plant Biotechnology multiple-choice questions are taken from the core Plant Biotechnology books and various examination question papers with their answers.

This Plant Biotechnology MCQs with answers like a Plant Biotechnology MCQs question bank for the students where all topics related to Plant Biotechnology objectives questions are available.

Plant Biotechnology subject is actually the combination of plant science and Biotechnological techniques for developing new plant crops that the resistant to various diseases, more nutritious, and more productive. Plant Biotechnology uses advanced techniques like molecular markers, gene insertion, genetic hybrid crops development, etc.

We prepared a mock test for the students on the basic concepts of Plant Biotechnology with MCQs that would be very helpful to revise the whole syllabus and concepts of Plant biotechnology within minutes. Our MCQs on Plant Biotechnology is completely free for all. There is no fee or payment or registration required to solve these Plant Biotechnology MCQs.

Features of MCQs on Plant Biotechnology

MCQs on Plant Biotechnology include all the important topics of the standard books of Plant Biotechnology like Plant biotechnology by Slater, Plant biotechnology by B.D.Singh, etc. We try to cover all important topics of the Plant Biotechnology syllabus.

Multiple-choice questions on Plant Biotechnology asks in various competitive and government job exams. Practicing and solving the Plant Biotechnology MCQs with answers would be beneficial for the students who are preparing for the GATE Biotechnology, IIT-JAM, CSIR-NET, UGC-NET, and other various entrance exams. We prepare the Free Online MCQ on Plant Biotechnology that has a good collection of Plant Biotechnology multiple-choice questions.

Nowadays maximum exams are conducted online mode and questions are also asked in the form of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Life Science, Plant Breeding, Agriculture Biotechnology, Biotechnology, and Genetics Engineering students have to learn Environment and Ecology Plant Biotechnology as a subject in their degree course. So entrance exams conducted by the universities include multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on Plant Biotechnology. So practicing MCQs on Plant Biotechnology is good for competitive and entrance exams.

There are more than twenty Plant Biotechnology MCQs with answers for the students that students can practice. MCQs on Plant Biotechnology is prepared in the very interactive quiz format where you can solve it very interestingly. After submitting the answer you can see your answer is wrong or right instantly.

We use color indicators for the right and wrong answers, if your answer is correct then the button will turn in green and for the incorrect answer, it will be turned into red. The final result includes how many questions you attempted or not and your final marks with percentage.

Plant Biotechnology Subject Important Topics

BioTechBug team subject experts prepared MCQs on Plant Biotechnology on the all-important topics that are frequently asked in various entrance and competitive exams. Here students will get the MCQs on Plant Biotechnology with answers in a quiz format. The major topics of Plant Biotechnology are listed below.

  • Plant Biotechnology—An Emerging Field
  • Plant-Derived Drugs and Extracts
  • Industrial Strategies for the Discovery of Bioactive Compounds from Plants
  • Plant Cell and Tissue Culture Techniques Used in Plant Breeding
  • Plant Cell Cultures as Producers of Secondary Compounds
  • Genetic Transformation of Plants and Their Cells
  • Properties and Applications of Hairy Root Cultures
  • Bioreactors for Plant Cell and Tissue Cultures
  • The Potential Contribution of Plant Biotechnology to Improving Food Quality
  • Engineering Plant Biochemical Pathways for Improved
  • Nutritional Quality
  • Transgenic Plants as Producers of Modified Starch and Other Carbohydrates
  • Improving the Nutritional Quality and Functional Properties of Seed Proteins by Genetic Engineering
  • Transgenic Plants as Sources of Modified Oils
  • Flavors and Fragrances from Plants
  • Fine Chemicals from Plants
  • Genetic Engineering of the Plant Cell Factory for Secondary
  • Metabolite Production: Indole Alkaloid Production in Catharanthus roseus as a Model
  • Transgenic Plants for Production of Immunotherapeutic Agents
  • Signal Transduction Elements
  • The Plant Cell Wall—Structural Aspects and Biotechnological Developments
  • Lignin Genetic Engineering: A Way to Better Understand Lignification beyond Applied Objectives

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Disclaimer: All Plant Biotechnology MCQs and answers are prepared with accuracy but we do not claim for 100% accuracy so place checks the answers yourself also because there is the chance of mistyping. 

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