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MCQs on Mass Transfer Operations

MCQs on Mass Transfer Operations

MCQs on Mass Transfer Operations with answer keys are very important for the Biotechnology, Bioprocess, Biochemical, and Chemical Engineering students to prepare for the competitive and other exams. Students always search on the internet for the MCQs on diffusion mass transfer, mass transfer MCQ, MCQs on interphase mass transfer, mass transfer distillation MCQ, etc. but are unable to get free online MCQs on the Mass Transfer at most of the websites. Maximum are demanding money or registration but at BioTechBug no payment or registration is required to solve the Mass Transfer MCQs.

Mass Transfer Operations is a very important subject of the Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Biochemical Engineering, etc. course in various institutes. Mass Transfer Operations is the study of mass transfer movement from one location to another.

The mass may be stream, phase, fraction, or component that is to be transferred by various processes, such as drying, absorption, precipitation, evaporation, membrane filtration, and distillation.

You will not get easily and freely Mass Transfer Operations MCQs or Mass Transfer Operations objective type question bank with answers to practice this subject online mode. But at the BioTechBug website, you will get all Biotechnology-related subjects MCQs freely to solve.

Biotechnology, Chemical, Biochemical Engineering, is the main engineering course that contains mass transfer subject but some changes as per their course and syllabus. So we prepare the Free Online MCQ on Mass Transfer Operations that contains all the above three subjects’ questions.

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Features of MCQs on Mass Transfer Operations

MCQs on Mass Transfer Operations include all the major topics that are asked in competitive or semester exams. Every year lots of MCQs on Chemical Engineering are asked in various competitive exams. Our Mass Transfer Operations MCQs would be very useful for those students who are appearing in various exams like entrance exams of Biotechnology, Biochemical, Chemical Engineering courses, GATE Chemical, IES, CSIR-NET, and various government exams.

Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with answers on Mass Transfer Operations are prepared on the core syllabus that has MCQ on diffusion mass transfer, MCQ on interphase mass transfer, mass transfer distillation MCQ of the various Mass Transfer books.  Majorly Heat and Mass transfer books are available that contain both syllabi but the Mass transfer books are also separately available.

Some Unit Operations books also contain the Mass transfer syllabus. Mass Transfer Operations MCQs also include the previous year's questions with answer keys of various exams. Practicing the MCQ on Mass Transfer Operations would be very helpful for the students.

It would be like a Mass Transfer Operations MCQs question bank in which Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, and Biochemical Engineering subject multiple questions and answers available for practice for the students. Nowadays many entrance, competitive, and job exams are conducted online mode computer-based test (CBT) and all these tests consist of multiple choice objective type questions and answers.

It would be like a Mass Transfer Operations MCQs question bank in which Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, and Biotechnology subjects related multiple-choice based questions and answers available for practice the students. Maximum exams are nowadays in online mode so computer-based tests (CBT) are organized by the universities, institutes, and government agencies to conduct the exams.

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Mass Transfer Operations Subject Important Topics

Our Chemical engineering subject experts prepared MCQs on Mass Transfer Operations on the most common and important topics that are important for the Biotechnology students to get good marks in the various competitive and entrance exams. Here students will get the Mass Transfer Operations problems and solutions in MCQs format. The major topics of Mass Transfer Operations are listed below.

  • Molecular Diffusion
  • Diffusion Theory
  • Analogy between Mass, Heat and
  • Momentum Transfer
  • Role of Diffusion in Bioprocessing
  • Film Theory
  • Convective Mass Transfer
  • Liquid-Solid Mass Transfer
  • Liquid-Liquid Mass Transfer
  • Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer
  • Oxygen Uptake in Cell Cultures
  • Factors Affecting Cellular Oxygen Demand
  • Oxygen Transfer from Gas Bubble to Cell
  • Oxygen Transfer in Fermenters
  • Bubbles
  • Sparging, Stirring, and Medium Properties
  • Antifoam Agents
  • Temperature
  • Gas Pressure and Oxygen Partial Pressure
  • Presence of Cells
  • Measuring Dissolved-Oxygen
  • Concentrations
  • Estimating Oxygen Solubility
  • Effect of Oxygen Partial Pressure
  • Effect of Temperature
  • Effect of Solutes
  • Mass-Transfer Correlations
  • Measurement of kla
  • Oxygen-Balance Method
  • Dynamic Method
  • Sulfite Oxidation
  • Oxygen Transfer in Large Vessels

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Disclaimer: All Mass Transfer Operations multiple choice questions and answers are prepared with accuracy but we do not claim for 100% accuracy so place checks the answers yourself also because there is the chance of mistyping.

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