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MCQs on Bioprocess Engineering

MCQs on Bioprocess Engineering

Bioprocess Engineering is the core subject of the Biotechnology course that is compulsory to study graduate and post-graduate students in various institutes, universities, and colleges. Bioprocess engineering is almost similar to Biochemical engineering but different in some aspects like designing of equipment, unit operation calculations, etc.

Bioprocess engineering is used to study the scale-up of the Biochemical process or biological pathways of living organisms for industrial purposes. It involves the design of equipment, its operation, its control, and optimization for the particular biochemical processes or reactions mediated by the microorganisms or enzymes under-designed conditions for the optimum biotransformation of the substrate into desired products.

It is a calculation-based subject so lots of mathematical questions on Biochemical reactions are asked in the various competitive and entrance exams regarding the topics of Bioprocess Engineering that students have to practice to secure good marks in exams.

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Multiple-choice questions with answers on Bioprocess engineering are prepared on the syllabus of the many standard books. It also includes the Bioprocess engineering GATE questions. Solving and practicing the Bioprocess Engineering MCQ would be very helpful for those students who are preparing for the various exams.

Exams like GATE Biotechnology, IIT-JAM, DBT-JRF, CSIR-NET-JRF, DBT-NET, JNU, etc. in which multiple-choice questions are asked on Bioprocess engineering. So we prepared Bioprocess technology MCQ with answers and it would be like a Bioprocess engineering question bank where Biotechnology or Biochemical engineering students would get the Bioprocess engineering questions and answers.

Nowadays maximum entrance and competitive exams are conducted in the computer-based online mode that has multiple-choice questions. Biotechnology, Biochemical and Chemical engineering students have to learn Bioprocess engineering so in maximum exams conducted by the universities and government agencies on the Biotechnology/Biochemical/Chemical subject that includes multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on Bioprocess Engineering. So practicing on the MCQs on Bioprocess Engineering is also very important for getting good marks in the competitive and entrance exams.

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Bioprocess Engineering Subject Important Topics

BioTechBug team subject experts prepared MCQs on Bioprocess Engineering on the important topics that are very important for securing good marks in the various Biotechnology, Biochemical, Chemical and Life Science competitive and entrance exams. Here students will get the Bioprocess engineering problems and solutions in MCQs format. The major topics of Bioprocess Engineering are listed below.

  • Introduction to Engineering Calculations
  • Presentation and Analysis of Data
  • Material Balance
  • Energy Balances
  • Unsteady-State Material and Energy Balance
  • Fluid Flow and Mixing
  • Heat Transfer
  • Mass Transfer
  • Unit Operations
  • Homogeneous Reactions
  • Heterogeneous Reactions
  • Reactor Engineering

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Disclaimer: All Bioprocess Engineering multiple choice questions and answers are prepared with accuracy but we do not claim for 100% accuracy so place checks the answers yourself also because there is the chance of mistyping.

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