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Free Online Biology MCQs for Class 11 Chapter wise for NEET

class 11 biology mcq free online test

Biology is a very important subject, in which we learn about our living world and its structure and functions. CBSE Class 11th Biology NCERT book has five units and twenty-two chapters that elaborate briefly on the Living World, Structural Organisation in Plants and Animals, Plant and Animal Physiology. All these chapters are very important and provide a base to study further in further classes. Class 11 biology MCQs come in NEET and other important entrance and competitive exams.        

For the Biology students of class 11 of the CBSE board, BioTechBug subject experts prepared a very good MCQs (multiple choice questions) objective question set that covers every chapter and most important topics of the book. MCQ questions for class 11 biology chapter-wise with answers will be very helpful to the students to understand which types of questions will come in NEET and other competitive exams.

Biology MCQs for class 11 Chapter-wise for NEET will help the biology students to study the complete syllabus very interestingly and interactively in a very short time. You can practice the free Online MCQ Chapter-wise test on Biology Class 11th unlimited times. For solving these free online tests or mock tests, there is no mobile number required, no signup required, no email id required, no registration required, no payment required.

Just solving these free online MCQs mock tests you can revise whole Biology chapters very quickly and smartly in a few minutes. BioTechBug prepared these questions with the help of subject experts with maintaining fully the accuracy and core NCERT Biology syllabus according to the CBSE Board.

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Salient Features of Free Online Class 11 Biology MCQs

Class 11 biology MCQs are prepared by the subject experts and checked for accuracy of the questions. Detailed and chapter-wise class 11th biology multiple choice objective questions that include important topics of the chapter. 

  • There are 10-15 questions in each chapter that has relevant questions and options.
  • You have to attempt all questions, you can't skip any question from the mock test.
  • If you want to skip the question or you don't know the answer then you have to wait for one minute and when time ups answer will be shown and the question will be marked as unattempted automatically. There is one minute is provided to solve each question.
  • After the time is completed you can see the right answer in green color.
  • After completion of the quiz, you will get the final results in percentage and marks how much you attempted, how much is right, and how much is wrong.
  • There is No Login, Registration, and Sign Up required.
  • No Mobile number and email address are required to solve these questions.
  • No payment is required to attempt these questions.
  • You can attempt these questions unlimited times 100% free of cost.

If you want to practice again on the mock test then click on the Start Again button and the mock test will start again. If you want to solve the next chapter's MCQ mock test then you should click on Go To Home button.

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Class 11th Biology NCERT Book Chapters

The NCERT Biology book's chapter number and name of chapters are listed below that are MCQs included in this chapter-wise MCQ for NEET. If you want to solve biology MCQs for class 11 chapter-wise with answers that are already come in previous years' national and state-level exams like CPMT, NTA NEET, AIIMS, CBSE-PMT, etc. then you have to Click on the chapter name and you will get an MCQs mock test questions set that are strictly based on the chapters’ syllabus.

UNIT I- Diversity in the Living World

UNIT II- Structural Organization in Plants and Animals

UNIT III - Cell: Structure and Functions

UNIT IV - Plant Physiology

UNIT V - Human Physiology

Biology MCQs for class 11 Chapter-wise with Answers

CBSE Class 11th Biology Test Paper is strictly based on the syllabus of the NCERT Biology book. There is no internet or another book required to solve these questions. Questions are taken from the NCERT Books chapter exercise questions and from the major topics of the chapter syllabus. Class 11 Biology MCQs are strictly taken from the NCERT Books chapters so that students get all answers from the base book of class 11th Biology.

Recommended Books for NEET

To practice regularly we recommend some Biology and NTA-NEET-UG books that you should solve and study. A list of some famous books is given below.

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