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NEET Biology Chapter 21 Neural Control and Coordination Free Online Mock Test

online biology mock test for neet

This Free Online Mock Test for NEET Biology is strictly based on Chapter 21 Neural Control and Coordination of NEET-UG Biology syllabus of UNIT 5 - Human Physiology. NCERT Biology book's fifth unit name is Human Physiology that has seven chapters and its twenty-one chapter name is Neural Control and Coordination.

In this chapter, students would learn about the topics like Neural systems, Human Neural systems, Neuron as Structural and Functional Unit of Neural System, Central Neural System, Reflex Action and Reflex Arc, Sensory Reception and Processing.

This free online mock test includes each topic and important questions of class 11th Biology book chapter 21 Neural Control and Coordination that is already come in previous years’ examinations in NEET and other national-level exams. So students have to just open this free mock test of Biology chapter 21 and try to solve and check their knowledge level.

Biology students would learn about the neural system of humans, mechanisms of neural coordination like transmission of nerve impulses, impulse conduction across a synapse, neural system coordination and integration will all organs, and the physiology of reflex action.

Important topics of this chapter are neurons and nerves, the nervous system in the human-central nervous system, Reflex action, Sense organs, Generation and conduction of nerve impulses, the peripheral nervous system, and visceral nervous system, elementary structure, and function of the eye and ear.

Mock Test on NCERT Biology Class 11th Chapter 21 Neural Control and Coordination

Given below Mock test is totally based on chapter 21 Neural Control and Coordination syllabus of class 11th Biology NCERT book. For the full Biology mock test for NEET on the NCERT Biology book chapters' please click on the given below link.

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