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MCQs on Fungi with Answers

mcqs on nutrition in fungi

Fungi are microbes that are also very diverse and widespread like bacteria but bigger in size than bacteria. It is a group of eukaryotic organisms that includes yeasts and molds. A famous example of a fungus is Mushrooms. We prepared MCQs on Fungi that include very common and important questions that are generally asked in the examinations of the various levels like UG and PG courses of Life Science subjects such as Microbiology, Biotechnology, etc.

This online mock test will be very useful for students to practice MCQs on Fungi. This free online mock test includes more than 20 plus the Fungi MCQ with answers.

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The Basic Topics of Fungi

The very common topics are Fungi that are asked in various exams.

  • Fungal Nutrition and Physiology
  • Fungal Morphology, Spores, and Cell Wall
  • Fungal Reproduction and Phylogeny
  • Fungal Symbioses
  • Zygomycetes and Glomeromycetes
  • The Mushroom Life Cycle

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Disclaimer: All MCQs on Fungi with answers are prepared with accuracy but we do not claim 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is a chance of typing errors.

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