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MCQs on Enzymes with Answers

Enzymes MCQs with answers

Enzymes are very essential biological molecules that are used in industries like Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, FMCG, textile, Food, etc. Students of Biology background learn about Enzymes, starting from school level to Ph.D. level courses. So in every exam like entrance, semester, or competitive questions related to Enzymes are always asked.  

Multiple Choice Questions on Enzymes are prepared for the Biological background students because they have to learn about it and qualify for various exams where MCQs on Enzymes are also asked. By solving these MCQs on Enzymes students can check their understanding related to the mechanism of enzymes.

Here you will get more than 50 plus MCQs on enzymes for a comprehensive understanding of the topics related to enzymes like what are enzymes, is an enzyme a protein, Enzymes are Proteins or Catalysts, Enzymatic Reactions, Enzyme Kinetics, Isomerases, Artificial Enzymes, Industrial Enzymes, etc.

These Multiple Choice Questions on Enzymes will help students in the preparation for various competitive examinations. These MCQs on Enzymes and answers are very helpful for a variety of exams like NEET, IIT-JAM, GATE Life Sciences, DBT-JRF, JNU, etc. in which multiple-choice questions are asked on Enzymes.

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MCQs on Enzymes Important Topics

Enzymes MCQs with answers to online mock tests cover the topics given related to enzymes in biochemistry books. It has MCQs on the mechanism of enzyme action, MCQs on enzyme classification, MCQs on enzyme specificity, characteristics of enzymes MCQs, etc. Some of the enzyme MCQ questions were taken from the previously asked in the examination paper of the various universities papers and competitive exams.

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Disclaimer: All MCQs on Enzymes with answers are prepared with accuracy but we do not guarantee or claim 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is the chance of typing errors.

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