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MCQs on Environmental Sciences

environmental science mcq with answer key

Environmental Science is the common subject of the Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Agriculture Biotechnology, Biotechnology, and other Life Science degree courses. So MCQs on Environmental Science are asked in their semester, competitive, and entrance exams.

That's why we prepared for the student's MCQs on Environmental Science with answers that like an environmental science MCQs question bank and which are completely free to everyone. There is no payment or registration required for solving these Environmental science MCQs.

Environmental science is a multidisciplinary subject in which students will learn about everything in or on the Earth whether it is living or non-living such as hills, seas, rivers, animals, trees, humans, etc. So it is like an interdisciplinary subject in which students have to learn physics, chemistry, biology, botany, zoology, mineralogy, oceanography, soil science, geology, atmospheric science, and much more.

Environmental Science is a very important subject as it tells us all basics of our environment. So we can solve environmental issues and find out ways to protect them.

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Features of MCQs on Environmental Science

MCQs on Environment and Ecology include all the important topics that are asked in various exams. Lots of multiple-choice questions on environmental pollution asks in various exams. our Environmental science question bank would be very useful for those students who are preparing for semester exams, entrance exams, or various government exams.

Our Environmental science MCQs with answer keys are prepared on the syllabus of the various Environmental Science books. It also includes the previous year's environment and ecology-related questions that are already asked in various exams. Solving and practicing the Environmental studies MCQs with answers would be very helpful for those students who are preparing for the GATE, CSIR-NET, UGC-NET, and other various exams. We prepare the Free Online MCQ on Environmental Science has a good collection of questions.

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It would be like an EVS MCQs question bank in which environmental, ecology, and pollution questions and answers are available for practice for the Environmental field students. Today maximum exams are conducted online computer-based tests (CBT) and all these exams mostly consist of MCQs type questions and answers.

Life Science, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Science students have to learn Environment and Ecology as a subject in their degree course. So entrance exams conducted by the universities include multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on Environmental Science. So practicing MCQs on Environment and Ecology is good for competitive and entrance exams.

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Environmental Science Subject Important Topics

BioTechBug team subject experts prepared MCQs on Environment and Ecology on the important topics that are asked in various entrance and competitive exams. Here students will get the MCQs on Environmental pollution with answers in a quiz format. The major topics of Environmental science are listed below.

  • Environmental Studies Introduction
  • Nature and Natural Processes
  • Ecosystems
  • Population and Environment
  • Land and Water Resources of the Earth
  • Air Resource
  • Energy and Environment
  • Environment and Public Health
  • Waste Treatment, Management, and Recycling
  • Environmental Policies

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Disclaimer: All Environmental Science MCQs and answers are prepared with accuracy but we do not claim 100% accuracy so please check the answers yourself also because there is the chance of typo error.

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