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Free Online MCQ Test Biology Class 12th Chapter Wise with Answers

online mcq test biology class 12

Biology is a very interesting subject that plays a very vital role in our life. CBSE Class 12th Biology NCERT book has sixteen chapters that elaborate briefly on every part of Biology subjects topics which are already a detailed subject like Biotechnology, Ecosystem, Evolution, Human Reproduction, etc.

For the Biology students of class 12 of the CBSE board, we prepared a very good objective question set that covers every chapter and most important topics of the book. Biology MCQs for class 12 Chapter-wise with answers will help the biology students to study their syllabus very interestingly and interactively.

You can practice the free Online MCQ Chapter-wise test on Biology Class 12th unlimited times. For solving these free online tests or quizzes, there is no registration required, no signup required, no email id required, and no payment required.

Just solving these Multiple Choice questions you very quickly revised whole Biology chapters very quickly and smartly in a few minutes. We prepared these questions with the help of subject experts with maintaining fully the accuracy and core NCERT Biology syllabus according to the CBSE Board.

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Features of Free Online Biology MCQs for Class 12

  • These questions are prepared by the subject experts and checked for maintaining good quality and accuracy of the questions.
  • Detailed and chapter-wise class 12th biology objective questions that include every topic of the chapter.
  • There are 10-15 questions in each chapter that relevant questions and options.
  • You can't skip any question, you have to attempt all questions. If you want to skip the question you have to wait for one minute when time ups answer will be shown and the question marked as unattempted.
  • You will get one minute to solve each question. After the time would complete, you will get the right answer in green color.
  • After completion of the quiz, you will get your results in percentage.
  • If you want to again solve the questions of the quiz then click on Start Again. If you want to solve the next question you should click on Go To Home button.
  • No log-in or Sign Up required.
  • No Mobile number and email address are required.
  • No payment is required.
  • You can attempt these questions unlimited times.

Class 12th Biology NCERT Book Chapters

The chapter number and names of chapters of the NCERT Biology books are listed below that are MCQs included in this quiz. If you like to solve very important questions that are already come in previous years' national and state level exams like CPMT, CBSE-PMT, NEET, etc. then you just click on the chapter name and you will get an MCQs mock test questions set that are strictly based on the chapters syllabus.

Biology MCQs for class 12 Chapter-wise with Answers

CBSE Class 12th Biology Test Paper is strictly based on the syllabus of the NCERT book. No internet or other book is required to solve these questions. Questions are very easy and taken from the NCERT Books questions and from the major topics of the chapter syllabus.

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Recommended Books on Biology

To regularly practice we recommend some books on Biology that you should solve and study, these books will help you crack various exams like NTA- NEET-UG. A list of some famous books is given below.

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Note: If you found any wrong answers by mistake. Please comment below we will correct it. Thanks

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  1. Replies
    1. Plz mention chapter name and question then we can check and correct it.

  2. Polyembryony
    Not mango
    That is apple

  3. Thanks for your comments. We corrected the answer.

  4. well I need to first thank you for doing this free and without asking for phone no. and stuffs. But I found ques. 12 to be wrong. And the perfect answer is phosphate group. Tysm

    1. Thanks for your comments and tell us about wrong answers. We corrected the wrong answers. Please share with your classmates and friends our free stuff that would be useful for them.

  5. 26th ques. ans should be elongation and not termination

    1. Thanks for your comments. Due to typing error, the wrong option was selected as the right answer. We corrected the wrong answers.

  6. in question 53 both the options are same ,,,,crct that thankyou

  7. In chapter 4, Injecting a sperm into the ovum is ICSI not ZIFT

    1. Thanks for your information, we corrected the answer. Mentioning the chapter with details helps us to quickly rectify the answer.

  8. Your concepts are very useful to all neet aspirants.

    Thank you so much for helping us 💟

    1. Thanks, Rushi for your comment. Comments are boosting us to prepare more useful content for all of you.


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